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Got Zippo?

By Lisa Gunther

Granted this is not a phrase that would normally come up in daily conversation, but perhaps it should. The Zippo name has been around for 75 years. Born in the 1930's, when the economy was at a very low point, many considered it a foolish endeavor. But, Zippo founder, George Blaisdell, talked about it to anyone that would listen and borrowed money from anyone that would lend it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Zippo has earned a well-deserved reputation as "The Name in Flames" due to their reliability and many looks. Gunther Gifts carries over 650 styles, each one unique in its own right and made more so by custom engraving, should you decide to include this finishing touch.

The versatile Zippo lighter has something for everyone. Know someone that is an avid sports enthusiast? Your search is over, whether it is football, hockey, baseball or basketball, Gunther Gifts has them all. Or, perhaps you need a great gift for someone just joining the military or retiring after years of service? Either way Zippo manufactures all of the major branches as well as several specialized ones and Gunther Gifts has them all.

Need a gift for that car buff on your list? Gunther Gifts carries Zippo's automotive line including Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Cadillac and even Humvee. Know someone that is feeling a little homesick? Check out Gunther Gifts selection of Zippo's country flag lighters. What about gifts for your poker buddies? Zippo makes several different styles; Poker Chip emblem, Texas Hold 'Em, Royal Flush emblem and the Lucky Ace emblem just to name a few. And if you're looking for something to go along with a beverage type theme, check out Zippo's specialized line including Jim Beam and Jack Daniels lighters.

Looking for something a little more "hip"? Then you should definitely look over Zippo's line of urban lighters. Here are a few examples that Gunther Gifts carries: the peace symbol, the silver lizard, the red-eyed viper, hidden dragon symbol and even the rolling thunder street chrome lighter.

Planning a bachelor party? Look over Zippo's "Playboy" collection. With several different styles of the famous playboy rabbit head to choose from, high polish, brushed chrome or 3-D satin finish you are sure to find one to please everyone on your list. Or perhaps you need groomsmen presents for your wedding. And while your friends may love the playboy collection, you may want something a little more traditional, such as the custom etched collection including chrome and brass polished lighters.

Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find exactly what you want within Zippo's extensive collection of lighters. Gunther Gifts has it all, including 28 exclusive engraving templates for you to choose from in order to make that special gift for that special person one they will remember forever.

Gunther Gifts carries hundreds of special gifts that can be purchased plain or engraved. Zippos (click to view), Leatherman multitools, Swiss Army knives, jewelry boxes, Cross pens, leathergoods, custom wine glasses or shot glasses, jewelry, and so much more is available at Gunther Gifts.

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