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5 Gift Ideas for your NFL Football Fan
National Football League Fans are a breed apart. Every Sunday in the fall is their Sabbath, NFL stadiums around the country are their altars. Sure, there are other sports like baseball and basketballs but there are just mistresses to their true love, Sunday afternoon (and sometimes Monday night) NFL football.  more

Born out of Perfect Faith: The Beginning of Zippo
The Small Business Association states that over 90% of businesses fail within their first year of operation and a greater portion of those enterprises still in business unfortunately cease to exist within just three short years. The birth of the Zippo Lighter effectively summarizes just how hard business success is to obtain and George G. Blaisdell, the founder of Zippo can only be sumarized as a business inspiration for all entrepreneurs!  more

Cigarette Lighters
One important accessory for a smoker is a cigarette lighter. With a cigarette case, a holder and a lighter, smoking becomes a more satisfying experience. As is the case with holders and cases, the lighter is once more a predominant accessory which speaks about a personality to the world.  more

Father's Day Cigars: A Great Gift Idea
We hand them out during bachelor parties. We give them to new fathers. We hand them out to potential business partners and employees (Sit down. Have a cigar).  more

Got Zippo?
Granted this is not a phrase that would normally come up in daily conversation, but perhaps it should. The Zippo name has been around for 75 years. Born in the 1930's, when the economy was at a very low point, many considered it a foolish endeavor. But, Zippo founder, George Blaisdell, talked about it to anyone that would listen and borrowed money from anyone that would lend it. The rest, as they say, is history.  more

Help A Friend Kick The Habit And Get Rid Of Those Vintage Zippo Lighters For Good
We all know smoking is a bad habit that brings about all sorts of illnesses later in life. Thatís just too bad for those who smoke. But how do you deal if the smoker is a loved one or a close friend?  more

How Zippo Started
The Zippo company originated in a small Pennsylvania town during the depression, at a time when the United States was indeed struggling. Zippo's success was created through innovation and a lot of hard work, through the creation of a durable yet still very functional product, a very effective marketing campaign that includes a lifetime warranty. What happened was one night in 1932 there was a dinner held at the country club in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Attending the dance was one George G. Blaisdell. George was currently trying to think of a new way to create a bit of income during this rough time in our Nation's history.  more

Lifetime Warranties
Let me begin by saying I genuinely believe Zippo Lighters and Cross Pen and Pencils are the best products of their kind in the world today. I know there are more expensive products out there with more elegant designs, but for my money it's Zippo and Cross. Now let me explain why. I've enjoyed these products for over thirty years now and in that time I've learned that as good and durable as these products are, they will inevitably experience normal wear and tear, thereby requiring repair. In this era of disposable products, our first inclination might be to simply throw such products away and purchase new ones, but both companies offer lifetime warranties which they stand behind. And I have taken them up on their offer to repair products on more than one occasion with no questions asked. Each time I send in my lighters and pen and pencil sets, they come back like new, and the only thing I paid for was postage to ship the products to them.  more

Personalized Zippos - Make it Your Own
A good idea that should be developed by marketing or human resources department is to be more creative in giving away gifts, make them more enticing to clients or employees alike. These shouldn't necessarily be expensive or costly gifts, but gifts with character or appeal. For instance, why not try to give gifts that are considered collectibles or those that can be personalized to add a touch of individuality?  more

Personalized Zippo Lighters- So Hot They're Cool! Top 5 Reasons to Get One Engraved Today
A Zippo lighter is one of those last remaining ďMade in USAĒ products. Zippo never outsourced and cheapened their product by manufacturing it overseas. In 1932 George G. Blaisdell developed and produced the first Zippo lighter in a garage in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Zippo lighters have been manufactured in Bradford ever since.  more

Sports Fan Gifts - NFL Atlanta Falcons Merchandise Gift Ideas Made Easy!
Sports fans are really easy people to buy gifts for. NFL Atlanta Falcons merchandise with their favorite team emblazoned on it is always a hit. Donít run all over town stressing about what to get them. Make it easy. Shop online and save time and money.  more

Take Your Clients To Zippo Wonderland
The Christmas season is fast approaching, and for the successful business, itís time to start thinking of the most powerful of all the powerful marketing strategies Ė the corporate giveaway. Instead of giving away the usual cheap umbrellas, faux leather organizers, and tacky tote bags emblazoned with the corporate logo, why not think of something new and fresh? Your clients are bound to appreciate it, and youíll be reaping the rewards you totally deserve.  more

The History of Zippo Lighter Dating
Date coding on the bottom of every Zippo lighters case is the Zippo Manufacturing Company's way of identifying when a specific Zippo lighter was created, whereas it might be dots, dashes, dates or even how the word "Zippo" is written.  more

The Perfect Gift - Engraved Zippo Lighters
Looking for the most fitting gift for your partner? If your partner enjoys the comfort and the relaxing feeling that a cigarette brings after a hard dayís work, then he or she should not miss the best partner of a cigarette: engraved Zippo lighters.  more

The Story Behind Zippo Lighters
Itís the king of lighters. No one can deny the allure of Zippo lighters. The distinctive design is instantly recognizable, even as the lighters sport individual and even customized finishes and cases. But where did Zippo lighters begin?  more

The Zippo Legacy
The Zippo Story begins in the early 1930's. One summer night, the Blaisdell's attended a dinner dance at the Bradford Country Club, in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Mr. Blaisdell being tired of the dancing and idle talk of politics stepped out onto the terrace. There he observes a friend trying to use an Australian made lighter. The lighter worked fairly well considering it was awkward and cumbersome to use. With its chimney design it worked well in the wind, however the lighter took both hands to operate, also due to the fact that it was made of a soft, thin metal it dented very easily. The lighter didn't seem very practical for everyday use and was very unattractive for the perfectly attired gentleman. The friend being a little embarrassed, told him that with all of its faults "it works." This statement kept running through Mr. Blaisdell's mind. He was always looking for new ways and ideas to make money, which was hard to come by in the depression era. Even though the economy was at a stand still, the idea was that in these times everyone could be looking for a lighter "something sturdy, durable and at a reasonable price" in good times and bad. This lighter idea looked very promising.  more

Through The Years - Errr Flames
Zippo has been lighting our cigars and cigarettes for 75 years now and who knows how many packs have we finished and how many have died of cigarette and fire related incidents. Just kidding!  more

Triumph Over the Big C and the Lure of Engraved Zippo Lighters
Youíve done it. You survived it. The Big C - Cancer. Against all odds, you triumphed against it, and youíre probably feeling so damned proud of yourself. Indeed, it probably feels like you can survive anything that life throws your way. And you know what? You probably could.  more

Vintage Zippo Lighters
Choosing vintage Zippo lighters as a gift for someone you know or treasure might seem a crazy idea, especially if the receiver is not a smoker or a collector of lighters. However, it might not seem too far fetched if you consider the value and quality of these lighters that are manufactured not only in mass quantities, but also produced in various collectible designs by Zippo Manufacturing Company.  more

Why Won't My Zippo Light Any More?
Your Zippo isn't lighting. You strike the flint wheel, but nothing happens. As far as you know, nothing is broken or damaged. Nothing appears to be wrong with this lighter, but there's a problem.  more

You Don't Need To Be A Smoker To Have Custom Zippo Lighters
There's no law against collecting custom Zippo lighters. It does not also say that you have to be a smoker to have these quality items. Like beauty, Zippo lighters have an excuse for being. These are delightful things to collect and show off.  more

Zippos - Keeping America Lighted for Decades
Zippos are not just lighters. Over the years, they have become iconic symbols of a breed of men and a lifestyle. Rolling Stone Keith Richards keeps a Zippo close to his guitar. In countless Hollywood movies, heroes and villains alike use Zippos to light cigarettes, burn ropes and documents, ignite fuses, or find their way through pitch-black caves and moss-covered caves.  more

Zippo Lighters As A Gift Idea
It's true that fewer and fewer people are smoking cigarettes these days but a Zippo lighter is still a great gift idea. We all know that quitting, or better yet, never starting is better for a person's health than smoking. But those that still choose to smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes would love a Zippo lighter as a gift! In fact, many people who do not smoke and never have smoked love to collect these fine quality cigarette lighters.  more

Zippo Lighters - Collecting an American Icon
You do not have to be a smoker to be a collector of Zippo Lighters. The zippos reason for being goes well beyond being used as a cigarette lighter. This lighter is a piece of classic American workmanship that has proved itself as being an ideal object to collect, to use and to be seen with. Zippo Windproof Lighters, first manufactured in the early 1930s, now represent one of the fastest growing categories in the world of collectibles. They have become an American icon. They are James Dean cool, Corvette sleek, and as American as apple pie. Historical, dependable and highly collectible, These icons are bought and by thousands of enthusiastic fans from all over the world.  more

Zippo Lighters for Gamblers
It cannot be denied that one of the most exciting, thrilling and lucrative (well, it depends on how you view it) forms of leisure (or should I say, livelihood) or entertainment for most of people from all over the world is the world of gambling. It all depends on luck, and yes, for some types, mental skill and strategy. If the gambling gods will be at your side and will pour out their tremendous aids upon you, then expect loads and loads of bucks to fill your not-so filled pockets. But if they seem to be favoring the gambling machine or the your opponent at the other side of the gambling table more, then our commiserations as you just lose your money bets. Indeed, it is this very nature of gambling, the luck of chances, that makes it as one of the most addictive habits to do for most.  more

Zippo Lighters - Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy
Zippo lighters are believed to have brought a revolution in the world of lighters. Being produced by the renowned Zippo Manufacturing Company, Zippo lighters not only offer guarantees for a lifetime, but also makes sure that it preserves its uniqueness. It not only comes in an assortment of styles but is also crafted in a wide variety of hues. It is truly said that Zippo lighters reflect the personality of the people who choose to flaunt this 'precious' piece. There are too many styles, and whether you are a Mike Tyson fan, or Monroe lover, there'll be a Zippo for you. Choose the Beetles, Elvis or the Rodeo boys, The Wild West, Che Guevara, rock culture symbols, plain colour ones, glazed finish or matt finish, metallic hues and the classic styles. So what's your pick going to be?  more

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