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Zippo Lighters As A Gift Idea

By Iouri Kroukov

It's true that fewer and fewer people are smoking cigarettes these days but a Zippo lighter is still a great gift idea. We all know that quitting, or better yet, never starting is better for a person's health than smoking. But those that still choose to smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes would love a Zippo lighter as a gift! In fact, many people who do not smoke and never have smoked love to collect these fine quality cigarette lighters.

Since 1932, Zippo lighters have been renowned and highly revered as the finest lighters available. They are the only lighters that have a lifetime warranty. No matter how long after purchase, should you experience problems with a Zippo lighter, you can simply return it for service or replacement. By choosing these fine lighters as gifts for those special people that love them, you will be giving a gift built to last a lifetime. This lifetime warranty is one of the keys to Zippo's success. These are not lighters that are used; they break and then are thrown away. They truly can be with the recipient for life.

Some Zippo products are even wind-proof. When Zippo makes a wind-proof product, they are serious about it working even in the highest winds. Because of this fact, sailors, sportsmen of all kinds, people who work outdoors, convertible car drivers, motorcyclist and anyone who uses a lighter outdoors seeks out these products. This style makes them a great gift idea.

Zippo collectors, however, just love anything Zippo. They collect the wide range of pocket lighters from Zippo as well as the table models. Whether wind-proof or not, new or old, a Zippo collector is always happy to add another lighter to the collection.

Zippo products can be custom engraved if desired. Depending on the case, you can choose initials, names or even longer text. The smallest Zippos lend themselves best to initials only while the larger models are great for adding more text. Making it a great personalized gift idea.

Zippos have been made in so many designs. Zippo even creates lighters commemorating space launches and gives one of these to each astronaut returning from space. Advertisers have long used Zippo products to "brand" their merchandise. There is a sports series for sports fans also.

Older Zippos can be found in antique shops, flea markets, online sources and at yard sales. An old Zippo makes a great gift. But if you don't have time or inclination to search for an older lighter, purchase one of the newest models as a gift idea that will still be much appreciated by the Zippo collector.

Iouri Kroukov is an owner of My Gift Idea gift shop with gift ideas for men, gift ideas for women and more!

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