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Zippo Lighters - Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy

By Manny Charro Ramirez

Zippo lighters are believed to have brought a revolution in the world of lighters. Being produced by the renowned Zippo Manufacturing Company, Zippo lighters not only offer guarantees for a lifetime, but also makes sure that it preserves its uniqueness. It not only comes in an assortment of styles but is also crafted in a wide variety of hues. It is truly said that Zippo lighters reflect the personality of the people who choose to flaunt this 'precious' piece. There are too many styles, and whether you are a Mike Tyson fan, or Monroe lover, there'll be a Zippo for you. Choose the Beetles, Elvis or the Rodeo boys, The Wild West, Che Guevara, rock culture symbols, plain colour ones, glazed finish or matt finish, metallic hues and the classic styles. So what's your pick going to be?

The founder of the Zippo Manufacturing Company George G. Blaisdell was the producer of the first ever Zippo lighter and that was way back in the year 1933. However he was inspired by one of the Austrian lighters which were of a similar make. The reason as to why he named the lighter Zippo is just because he had a preference for the sound of a zipper. Following that in 1936 the Zippo lighter gained its patent right. With the dawn of the new century Zippo Manufacturing Company further produced some multi-purpose lighters and this again was followed by the Outdoor Utility Lighter which saw the light of the consumer market in the year 2005. Last year in 2007 Zippo again made news by launching the new 'butane' cigarette lighter which is also called Zippo BLU. Until these days Zippo Manufacturing Company has produced over 350 million wind proof lighters since 1932. With the exception of a few improvements in the flint wheel and some modifications in case finishes, Zippo's original design remains virtually unchanged and still looks great and are easy to use.

The Zippo lighters are not only famous by name but has also carved a niche for itself in the hearts of that particular set of smokers who pursues it as an art and also indulges in flaunting their lighters with extreme elegance. The Zippo lighters are usually carved out of metal which are of a rectangular shape with a hinged top. The other advantage of this lighter is that all of its parts are replaceable. Over all by the count, the Zippo lighter has 22 parts and the manufacturing operations requirements are 108 in number. There is a museum which is located in Bradford by the name of Zippo which prides itself in being the display house of almost all the rare and custom made Zippo lighters. The retail price of Zippo lighters range between USD 12.95 to USD 4000. Not only that, this museum also sells all the Zippo lighter brands under one roof. Such a multipurpose lighter with such multitude purposes is indeed a fascinating invention. So if you have it, flaunt it, because people are bound to take notice of this magnificent flaming inferno.

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