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A Brief History of Zippo
c.1931 At Bradford Country Club, George G. Blaisdell muses as a friend fumbles with an Austrian Lighter
1932 The word "Zippo" is created by Mr. Blaisdell
1933 The original Zippo Lighter is created
c.1934 Highly collectible Kendall Zippos are produced
1936 Patent Number 2032695 is granted on March 3
1943 1945 Zippo dedicates all manufacturing efforts to the US Military
1947 The Zippo-Car is created
c.1955 The first date codes are stamped on the bottom of every ZippoLighter
1956 The slim model is introduced
1978 Mr. Blaisdell passes away
1997 The Zippo/Case Visitors Center opens
2006 Zippo manufactures its 425 millionth lighter