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Personalized Zippos - Make it Your Own

By Bradlley Mckoy

A good idea that should be developed by marketing or human resources department is to be more creative in giving away gifts, make them more enticing to clients or employees alike. These shouldn't necessarily be expensive or costly gifts, but gifts with character or appeal. For instance, why not try to give gifts that are considered collectibles or those that can be personalized to add a touch of individuality?

The Zippo lighter, aside from being a collectible item, can also be personalized. It is a very popular gift not only because of their value as a collectible item, but also, because Zippo Manufacturing has been making these types of cigarette lighters with unique markings for dating. Meaning, each Zippo lighter is already unique on its own, and they are being further personalized into thousands of designs.

A person do not need to be a smoker to appreciate personalized Zippos. Even if one does not smoke, he will find a Zippo lighter worthy of attention and admiration because of its wide array of offbeat designs. Previously, the designs of personalized Zippos were hand-painted; but today, design printing technologies have improved the design and finish of the Zippo cigarette lighter.

Each Zippo Design Is Unique
People love to collect stamps, coins and other things. What is the most obvious characteristic of all these collectibles? For one, a stamp is like any other stamp until you give it a unique design, giving it a new and separate identity from the rest. People just love collecting things that collectively gives off a certain harmony. That is why, the Zippo lighter fits the bill.

Personalized Zippos Can Be Dismantled
People just love to tinker with things; they dismantle it, clean the parts, only to re-assemble them back again. For example, watch collectors love to tinker with their timepieces. Coin collectors, on the other hand, do not have parts to dismantle but they sure love cleaning and polishing their coins. Similar to timepieces, the Zippo lighter can also be dismantled for refueling or when it is necessary to clean the wick.

Personalized Zippos Can Be Dated
What is unique about Zippo lighters is the presence of coded dates using dots, forward, backward slashes and letters. Because of this, similar to coins and stamps, collectors have a way of knowing when a Zippo lighter was manufactured and from it, have an idea of its monetary value. What is more interesting is that the coding used by Zippo Manufacturing to date the Zippo lighters has evolved into stages over the years. Since collectibles that can be dated tend to become priceless over time, the Zippo lighter is considered worthy of collecting.

Personalized Zippos As Corporate Gifts
Corporate gifts have not changed much over the years. Clients often know what gifts to expect from corporations. If it is not the usual yearly diary, it is most probably the trademark pen or pen holder. Likewise, during special functions or corporate celebrations, employees who have not won the big prizes during a raffle can expect to receive corporate umbrellas, pens, and other similar give-aways. With Zippo lighters, they may actually have a new toy to collect or to use when lights dimmed out.

Personalized Zippos are perfect gifts for bosses. Visit and find other gift products for your boss such as cross pens and engraved flasks.

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