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Take Your Clients To Zippo Wonderland

By Bradlley Mckoy

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and for the successful business, itís time to start thinking of the most powerful of all the powerful marketing strategies Ė the corporate giveaway. Instead of giving away the usual cheap umbrellas, faux leather organizers, and tacky tote bags emblazoned with the corporate logo, why not think of something new and fresh? Your clients are bound to appreciate it, and youíll be reaping the rewards you totally deserve.

Get Into the Season
Every year, reputable companies, such as banks, credit unions, and huge corporations, try to get into the spirit of gift giving on Christmas in the form of corporate giveaways. Companies often stick to the same gifts every year, with slight variations in color, size, and style. For the average consumer, this can be disappointing and completely boring. After all, one can only have too many umbrellas, organizers, and plastic tote bags.

If your company is doing particularly well this year or you just want to do something new and out of character, treat your clients to something new and exciting like Zippo lighters and torches. Your loyal following will have their interest piqued, and may even bring you more business during the coming year.

Is Zippo What You Need?
Zippo has a wide selection of lighters and torches that can be perfect for corporate giveaways. Zippos are functional, stylish, and popular. What sets Zippo apart from the common tokens given by corporations most is the fact that it is a famous brand. It gives your clients the impression that you want to do right by them by giving them the best of the best. Branded items always do the trick

Zippo lighters and torches are customizable and can fit your marketing needs. You can have your giveaway Zippos engraved with the corporate logo, among other things. You can have them done in the company colors or embossed with the company motto. Best of all, you wonít have to spend too much by having Zippos as corporate giveaways. The Zippo Company is very flexible with bulk orders, so youíll be given discounts, as well as the option to have specially designed giveaways, exclusive to your company. You can even negotiate lovely packaging for that added element of surprise to your clients.

Go Get Those Zippos
Zippo corporate giveaways can be ordered from any Zippo distributor. It can also be ordered online. Itís best to start early, especially if youíre ordering hundreds of pieces. It takes time to manufacture the Zippo lighters and torches with your customized corporate designs. You also need to give an allowance for delivery time.

This year, corporate giveaways donít need to be stiff and boring. They can be made interesting with Zippos. Your clients are sure to enjoy it, and you only have to take a look at your profits to see that it worked like a charm. Indeed, Zippos can be a way of thanking your loyal customers for their continued patronage, and it can be a heartfelt one too.

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