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Triumph Over the Big C and the Lure of Engraved Zippo Lighters

By Bradlley Mckoy

Youíve done it. You survived it. The Big C - Cancer. Against all odds, you triumphed against it, and youíre probably feeling so damned proud of yourself. Indeed, it probably feels like you can survive anything that life throws your way. And you know what? You probably could.

A New Lease on Life
After months, maybe years, of grueling treatment and surgery, youíre almost as good as new. The anxiety of surgery, the pain of radiation, and the invasion of chemotherapy has been all worth it. Youíve been given a new lease on life, and you canít be any more thankful.

Forgetting Could Be Too Easy
Itís a heady feeling. After being so sick, being in good shape once again can make you forget that you were ever sick in the first place. You might find yourself becoming too complacent, too comfortable in the knowledge that youíre alright, thinking that youíll never get sick again. Youíre getting your life back and if youíre not careful, youíll find yourself falling back into the same old habits that youíve always had.

You could find yourself eating food that you should be avoiding at all costs, drinking liquor that can only do more harm than good, and lighting up cigarettes with your engraved Zippo lighters once again. Itís easy to forget that itís some of those old habits that made you sick in the first place. Too easy, in fact, so before you wind up those engraved Zippo lighters or take a bite of that big, greasy burger, remember what youíve just gone through and realize that you might not be so lucky the next time.

Fighting Temptation
Youíve survived and youíve gone this far. For sure, you want to live on for as long as you possibly can. Itís not too late to turn your life back around. Itís just a matter of changing your lifestyle and putting away those engraved Zippo lighters for good. Itís not easy to give up the habits that have been so ingrained in you throughout the years. Remember, it isnít easy to survive cancer either, but youíve done it anyway. You can do anything, as long as you set your mind into it. As long as your will is strong enough, you can fight any temptation that life throws your way.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. Before you find yourself back in your old habits, itís best to avoid any reminders that might get you back there in the first place. Throw away those engraved Zippo lighters. Better yet, donít even look at them. Start a bonfire with your engraved Zippo lighters and throw in all the things that could kill you. Avoid situations where youíre likely to consume alcohol and people that are likely to make you. Start eating healthy. Better yet, become a vegetarian or limit yourself to lean meat. Youíll find that soy and tofu are not so bad in the long run.

Indeed, at the end of the day, youíll be just thankful that youíre still alive. Youíve been given a chance at living again. Itís now time to live your life right.

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